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If you would like a formal critique on one of your pieces, please note :note: me. i would prefer it be poetry, as that would be most along the lines of something i am knowledgeable enough in to thoroughly critique, but i am open to at least attempting any and all styles of art.

My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 8, 2014, 10:43 AM
Unlike most deviants who seemed born to the endeavor, I was first inspired to start writing creatively the early Winter of my sophomore year in college when I stopped to admire the bare branches of a tree on my walk home one afternoon.

I probably stood outside next to the sidewalk staring into a grey sky for an hour just watching the wind try to catch the arms of that oak and no longer finding the leaves that used to be there to hold on to. And me, bright-eyed with all the time in the world, wearing some black band shirt to contrast with my red nose, flushed cheeks and frozen tipped ears.

When I got back to my apartment, I wrote a draft which - while I didn't know it at the time - would end up indicative of all of my future writings as it would go through about five major edits over the course of more than a month which would lead to most of what I had written being stripped from it until it became this:

You see, I'm not at all gifted in the visual arts, macaroni and bead necklaces were my farewell masterpiece to the medium, but I've always loved art and had a longing for it in ways difficult to explain. It was this, the wind and the tree, that was a revelatory turning point for me because, while I had long considered writing a beautiful art from, I had never once thought to try my hand at it outside of pun-riddled essays I amused my professors and myself with.

I remember wanting to share the writing with someone, to have a momentary touch point of a shared human equation. You see, while not a writer, I'd always been an avid reader - mostly of classics, occasionally of contemporaries - and in that moment romanticized the thought of having colleagues writing alongside of me like Shelly and Keats with whom I could write and discuss writing with, or a mentor such as Pound to Eliot who could help me to grow and perfect an art form. But, alas and alack, my friend community was far from what I sought, and - upon learning of my marketing and macroeconomic focuses in studies - I felt a sense of profound elitism from the literature community that existed at my school.

It was this that led me to eventually stumble upon dA one day during a search for literature sites by which I could find a community to learn and grow with, seeing as I didn't have one of my own that I fit in with.

Was one of the first pieces of literature I ever came upon here, and it floored me. I couldn't imagine (and still can't) in my wildest dreams writing something so profound.

In the coming months I happened upon pieces like:
Ice statue
Moves the dance eternal,
(Un)real and
Frozen in slowest still (e)motions
Grieves the dance eternal
She - tragedian,
Poetess of murmure eternal and infinite hisses
Myope in shade
She - actress of sorrow,
Display of her weeping (he)art
Theanthropic tragedienne
Tither of those silhouettes carved
In glass___
And I am tithable of rime:
My only refresh
It covers my whole
I am the Void(er)
I am a decayable fragment
Of this whole - nevermore
This stream will flow - nevermore
The flux will (g)row
___On me
      Mea pectora requiescat
               Ego ipse
DementiaThe old man sits with stooped back.
The room is cold, just like his hands.
Thoughts have wandered like small children.
He wonders if he will see home again.
Thoughts have wandered home again,
with stooped backs and cold hands.
The room sits with the old man.
Like small children, he wonders if he will see cold.
Back stooped with thoughts, he wanders.
Like a child the small room sits, wondering.
Home again is cold.
The old man will see with his hands.
Thoughts have wandered with stooped backs.
The cold hands sit with the old man.
He wonders if he will see like small children.
The room is home again.

and knew that I was hooked.

In the early days, I tried so hard to keep pace with the people I admired,
the AzizrianDaoXrak, Vigilo, angelStained, julia-caitlin, adalaine, The-Dormant-Sprite, ejectionletter, ValentinaScreama, williamszm, and archelyxs's of lit.

I would write page upon page of lines with big visions and try to whittle them down to poignant pieces with vision and meaning. Still to this day, I write that way, but I've come to accept that I will always be a slow writer.

Morning glory ... by Yoohaz
(it wasn't all writing all the time, though, I appreciate some visuals too from time to time.)

I met bowie-loon123 and pullingcandy fairly early in my dA career, and they taught me that even the biggest most intimidating looking CVs and community connected people are really just people and are almost always super nice and encouraging.

I even eventually found my writing peer for a while in ProvenParadox who will always be one of the biggest influencers of everything I write today. The growth I experienced reading his pieces and writing alongside them was easily the most important of my short literature life.

Place of the Skull by ProvenParadox  The SeaWhen you make the two one, you will become the Sons of Adam, and when you say, 'Mountain, move away,' it will move away.
                         Thomas 106: 1-2
When I returned to town, I heard the stories:
That you'd walked the oak path,
And past the angel with the flaming sword;
      Beneath the river,
      Behind the trees
      And through a pantheon
            Of wind broken stone;
You'd marched north
Until your steps matched the syncopation
      Of the whale-song
      And the cedars in the wind,
You'd crossed the bridge
To enter the valley kingdom.
I know that you'd watched the jaybird pick our nightmares from its

The Long Forgotten CountryAll forces have been steadily employ'd to complete and delight me
Now, here on this spot, I stand with my robust soul.

A Light in the Darkness
In the morning, as she cast her net for
      Great handfuls of mud to build an island,
      They say she smiled, and that
      Her hair twisted itself into a forest.
And as she carved our bodies from the trees,
She christened this halcyon world with bones and sawdust,
And sent its name spiralling in a parade of golden mirages
In the fevered pits of the old king's immolated eyes:
      The first light of dawn;
      The path of the bird,
            That tran
     Trinity III: Hiranyagarbha by ProvenParadox

I joined theWrittenRevolution and DailyLitDeviations (now the new and improved LitRecognition) and got involved, learned about the community, made true friendships, seen people grow and become right near professional writers (some even becoming professional writers), and have even written some things that (surprisingly) I am proud to have written.

And that was that, I knew that I was quite comfortably stuck and not willing to go anywhere else.

I am not Afraid by SkarValidus

Of course, none of that would be possible without this great community, and the touch points I've had with so many people - and especially every single one of my watchers, whether large or small. Those touch points have changed my life for the better, and I'm better for them.

So thank you so much, y'all are the world, and I'm so happy to be included among it.

Special thanks to Vigilo, AzizrianDaoXrak, HtBlack, adalaine, thehatterschild, archelyxs, and IrrevocableFate for keeping up with me and putting up with me the longest;

SilverInkblot, LiliWrites, ozzla, IndigoSkyes, cristinewakesuphappy, TwilightPoetess, intricately-ordinary, and L0NE-W0lf for being the next tier of individuals to help me feel I belong and take the pressure off those top people who were beginning to regret being friends with me;

and plenty of others over the last couple of years that have made this change from a place I felt comfortable, to a home away from home.

.:Inundated:. by ArtisnotanAccident

You are all the best and I am so blessed, thank you.

:iconthewrittenrevolution: :iconlitrecognition: :icongetdailydeviations:

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Alain Mower
United States
Hey All!

I'm a happy-go-lucky kid who spends all of his money on music - the darkest & most esoteric he can find, with occasional piercing rays of sunshine - who constantly feels at ends with his interests and the societies they place him in, & who doesn't really feel like he truly belongs anywhere, but is super happy to be where I am.

I am currently a Swing (Poetry & Prose) Admin over at DailyLitRecognition. I'm more a poetry guy than a prose by preference of comfortability, but I promise to look at and consider anything and everything suggested to me.

Along with LitRecognition not accepting FanFics or chaptered work, I'm pretty picky about what I feature, but if you come across a piece that blew you away, I wouldn't be surprised if it does the same for me. I'm not much of one for emotional pieces and tend to have a more dark, existential, and modern preference - though there are certainly exceptions to every rule [thanks English language]!

So if you come across anything that inspires you, please note me with a link to the piece as well as your reasoning behind why this piece has earned the honor of a DLD (this will greatly increase its chances of being selected) and I'll see what I can do. =D

:iconlitrecognition: :iconthewrittenrevolution: :icongetdailydeviations:

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I don't know about 'really cool' or famous, but I seem to be doing well enough for myself, so that's been nice. So long as I can keep affording rent, shows, and records, I think that's about as much fame I need.

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It's a true honor.
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Honored to be a watcher and to be watched, good miss.
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