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If you would like a formal critique on one of your pieces, please note :note: me. i would prefer it be poetry, as that would be most along the lines of something i am knowledgeable enough in to thoroughly critique, but i am open to at least attempting any and all styles of art.
A look at the man behind the man behind the run on sentences.

:bulletblack: How long have you been a member of DeviantArt, and for how long have you been writing?
4 years & I've been writing creatively since joining dA.

:bulletblack: Why did you become a writer? Is your reason to write the same now as it was then?
I was excited about the medium - there are many innate challenges to writing creatively and I was excited to explore them.

I'm slightly less bright-eyed these days;
I write to confront my personal reality.

:bulletblack: Do you compose haiku? Or are you a dabbler in six word stories? Share what type of literature is your go to when you put pen to paper & what literature you read here on dA.
I'm not talented enough yet to communicate so succinctly through my scrawlings, but maybe one day.

I write jaded free-verse mostly, but I'm much more practiced in putting my eraser to my paper than my pen.

I read a bit of everything. I consider myself quite fortunate to be in a number of positions that keeps me actively reading things I would otherwise never find.

:bulletblack: What, in your opinion, makes a good writer?
Understanding why you write and what you want to get out of it & setting reasonable goals that you regularly evaluate to make sure you're getting what you want out of writing. I have a similar stance on relationships, actually.

:bulletblack: Share a thumbnail of a literature piece you wrote, you're proud of, and briefly explain why.
I'm proud of every critique I've ever put together, both using the official dA feature, and otherwise.

Also, these are my three most favorite things I've read over the past year here on dA:
violet and violet.a spliff between my fingertips
(blue smoke in the morning),
kabul city this time.
i see them everywhere now.
i am back,
at an endless sea of rime
stretched and stained before me
on the pale concrete
in the weed turned gravel.
and i remember death
when i sat, sun-sunk but it's night
now, ex-breathing smoke
under the floods.
the sirens sounded
that night: incoming shells
i sat with strangers on a bench,
the alarms vomiting back
our end—
we witnessed explosions blooming
nearby, exchanged glances
in our flagged eyes
shrugged, a deep resolve:
we'd rather keep smoking than run
staring into the dirt,
expecting any moment
to hear the last sound.
progress reportthe astronauts never returned and neither did the news
in my hands i fold a megalithic pigeon
the take-home message is: the cosmos is a cold dead bitch
as you sleep under magazines, waiting for nothing.
in the shackles of a sterilized den, there's an actual
mastodon heart, pale and glassy pink, icy film
tightened like a fist;  - and the scientists despair:
   it's the morning of the opening,
then the few slashes of paralyzing waves.
like a sign we'd make when we were younger, a way to disarm
a bandit, or a preacher
                or the oncoming horde of space invaders.
but the drawings you sent to venus never returned,
 and now the crack,
          and the scientists at a loss before the angered public.
they release a report that states that the floodgates opened
        by themselves, that the valves erode
like the chalky sand that will swirl and hiss

Mature Content

:bulletblack: Share a thumbnail of a literature piece you wrote which you don't like and briefly explain why.
Things that I write that I'm not a fan of don't get posted, and usually get deleted from my notes.

That said, I tend to not be a fan of emotional appeals or cliche/generic writing unless it really takes me off guard.

:bulletblack: What are your literary goals?
Keep writing.

:bulletblack: Are you a member of any of DeviantArt's literature groups? Which are the ones you use most? Are they effective in helping your writing? Do they offer features, or contests, or prompts? Would you recommend any of these groups?
:iconthewrittenrevolution: -it's difficult to convey how hard the people there who aren't me work to help any and all levels of writers here on dA; they're amazing.

:bulletblack: Using six words, what advice would you give to new writers?
Break the norm presented to you, please.

:bulletblack: Who or what influences you as a writer?
My surroundings, music, a stray discarded beer bottle rolling slowly towards a gutter and realizing I'm looking into a mirror.

:bulletblack: Have any published poets, authors, or playwrights, living or dead, inspired you as a writer?
Yes, especially in my early days, but recently I deleted the uber app from my phone & try to walk everywhere.

:bulletblack: List five things about literature you love.
The Lit CVs here on dA, every interaction I have with writers and readers here on dA, the fact that the community is more receptive to coffee addictions and black wardrobes than the general public, & people sharing the burden of knowing that some words - while they might be close or even work - just aren't the right ones.

:bulletblack: List five things about literature you hate.
It's not an exclusive club, being a writer or into writing doesn't actually make you special or better than anyone else. Be open and receptive, not exclusionary or aloof.

:bulletblack: Are you happy with the state of the literature community?
I live in the district, my vote doesn't count.

As explained by NemoX7:

"Inspired by CRLiterature's latest journal What do you want to see from CRLit I decided out of sheer madness to draw up a questionnaire focusing on: what makes you a writer? Why do you write and where did you first have your a-ha! moment when a story or poem exploded into existence? Does it matter if you are a writer? Nope, this questionnaire is even for those who don't write, who loathe poetry, where the sight of a book causes the blood to drain from you. Here's your opportunity to share with others why.

:happybounce: To take part: 

Target Simply copy and paste these questions into a journal or as a new deviation with the title of "The DeviantArt Writers Questionnaire 2015"

Target Type in your answers to the best of your ability and submit.

Target Include The DeviantArt Writers Questionnaire 2015 (Original journal) as a link in your description either by a thumbnail or as a link.

Target Leave a comment on The DeviantArt Writers Questionnaire 2015 (Original journal) with a link to your answers.

On December 24th I will collect some of the answers and make a compilation feature journal. I am a dummy! 

Thank you for taking part! La la la la"


Alain Mower
United States
Hey All!

I'm a happy-go-lucky kid who spends all of his money on music - the darkest & most esoteric he can find, with occasional piercing rays of sunshine - who constantly feels at ends with his interests and the societies they place him in, & who doesn't really feel like he truly belongs anywhere, but is super happy to be right here.

:iconthewrittenrevolution: :icongetdailydeviations: :icontalentedwritersguild: ::iconlitrecognition:


Officially moved a couple times the last month, and will be again in another few months, but I'm both in Atlanta & have a pulse metronoming me along to the ebbs & flows of corporeal existence.

I'll be more present after the next move, been working on some things in the meantime, but no foreseeable finish as of yet - editing phase.

Let me know if you're in Atlanta & want to grab coffee.

Also, let me know if you're betwixt the firmament and the core of our little floating island in space & went to grab coffee - I'm up for Skype coffee convos.

Cheers lasses and laddies - hope people loquaciously raided the larder while I was away.

With love & respect,
An eye for an eye, and a mouth full of gold teeth.
“Holy Sons is about facing your personal reality. You can’t wear it, it’s not cool, so it’s not a commodity in this culture. I don’t think it’s built to succeed in any way."

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